Charmie Shah




Best 100 Days Project Award 2019
Masters in Branding, SVA - Link

Outstanding Creativity—People’s choice Award 2018
Make a mark, NYC - Link

The Big Bang Awards 2016—Bronze
Ad Club Bangalore - Link

Spot Award 2016
Pink Lemonade Communications Pvt. Ltd. 

Spot Award 2015
Pink Lemonade Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Short animation 2013—Winner
Talenthouse, Inc. - Link

Artist of the week
Talenthouse, Inc. - Link


The Ovarian Cancer Project
Make a mark, NYC - Link

With a Bachelors in Multimedia and over 3 years of combined experience as a freelancer, working in start-ups in Mumbai, and in an ad agency in Bangalore, India I moved to New York to study design.

In my second year, I had the opportunity to work under internationally acclaimed animator and visual artist, Todd St. John, during my internship at HunterGatherer. This introduced me to the world of motion graphics where I got to see first hand the power of visual storytelling and brand-building.

Growing up in the Indian cultural mosaic city of Mumbai, and traveling across the world in over 80 cities have shown me the important role, effective branding and good design play in bringing people together which is what I hope to accomplish with my work.