Body Image Issue Campaign

Being a student at Pratt I have noticed that almost every other woman I know suffers through body Image issue. Most of the times they are embarrassed to talk about it and don't even use the facility Pratt has for Health Counselling. Some of the students missed classes just because they felt they looked bad that day. It isn't always easy to accept ourselves and be confident with who we are and how we look. But if worrying about our appearance or obsessing over the way we look becomes a daily, or hourly occurrence, those fears and insecurities may prevent us from doing things we enjoy and pursuing opportunities to meet out goals

After talking to the Health department at Pratt and we decided to make a booklet and a poster to be put up in and outside Pratt's Campus so that we could create more awareness about this.

Design Idea : I decided to use bold imagery and color to get attention. As decided the poster was going to be about the problem and the booklet about how Pratt could help with the problem.

Brochure design: For the Brochure I decided to make it informative and also about how Pratt can help the students with counselling. 

Success Story : A couple of months later I checked with the health department at Pratt to see if any students turned up and if designing it was helpful at all. Fortunately, a lot of students turned up including boys to talk about their issues some about body image some about something else. But overall the project was a success.