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100 Days.100 Doors.100 Asks

100Days of 100Doors

100 Days.100 Doors.100 Asks

100 Days.100 Doors.100 Asks

knock knock, New York.
We have drifted away from neighborly activities that require social engagement and understanding. We are home alone, baking alone and feeling more lonely than ever. (Borrowing is a habit that builds community, fosters connection, counteracts loneliness and incidentally saves planetary resources.) So let’s just borrow a cup of sugar or more.

’knock knock, New York’ is one New Yorker’s attempt, to try & connect with her neighbors by using a tactic that we no longer use today - Borrowing!
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Introducing - knock knock, New york

In New York, we don’t interact with our neighbors, we don’t see them and we don’t even know they exist. So what happens if someone goes around in New York, asking to borrow day to day stuff? Let’s find out in the next 100 days.

Day 6 - Borrow a roll of toilet paper. *Awkward*

Sometimes it's easier to find ways to embarrass yourself. But it's totally worth it when you accomplish your mission. An interesting point to note is that since this ask had a sense of urgency it was easier for me to get it in the first try itself. Watch the video to see how this played out.

Day 5 - Borrow a pinch of salt. Again!

This has been the longest conversation I've has with the cutest guy I've met so far in the journey. Not only did he offer me the salt that I needed, but not the salt that I wanted but also he refilled his bottle for me. It's unfortunate that I couldn't capture his face in the video properly. Watch the entire video to find out how it happened.

Day 4 - Borrow a pinch of salt

After an episode of an Indian helping an Indian I was on a new mission. Everyone has salt in their kitchen, they said. It won’t be as hard, they said. Enjoy the video to find out.

Day 3 - OMG! Still asking for change of $10.

My third try at asking for change. Maybe third time’s the charm. Maybe not. Let’s find out. But don’t forget to turn the volume up for this one.

Day 2 - Ask for change again!

Someone, please give this girl change for $10. This is was an interesting one because the woman didn't even open the door. Let's see what happens on my third try.

Day 1 - Ask for change of $10

Watch the 30-sec video to find out if I got the change or not. #the100dayproject The experiment continues