Charmie Shah


How the Halloween of 2018 became the most unproductive day this year


On October 31st 2018, Google Doodle celebrated Halloween, but instead of doing so with a cute video or fun historical fact, it opted for a multiplayer interactive game. And it is an addictive one. Google's Doodles have become so elaborate in recent years that it was only a matter of time until the company turned the Doodle into a full-fledged, multiplayer game.

“Google might be one of the most useful sites on the Internet, but on Halloween it made me procrastinate from doing things the most.”

‘The Great Ghoul Duel’ lets teams of friends or strangers compete against each other as ghosts trying to collect the most wandering spirit flames in two minutes. To make the game more interesting, you can also steal Spirit Flames from your competitors by touching their tail. Be warned, because the longer your tail, the more vulnerable you are. An opponent can snag your spirit flames off the back of your character.

But how can you so easily steal someone else's flames? Have you ever thought of yourself as a thief? Odds are you have stolen something at least once in your life. Of course, this doesn't mean you are a vicious criminal who creates manipulative plots to rob banks or steal diamonds. Some people just do it out of a need for excitement or for the thrill of it. Stealing spirit frames from the competitors became the most exciting thing in the game for most people. But you could easily earn more points and win the game by just collecting the flames that were left untouched? It’s just that it’s always easier to let someone else do the work and while you wait for the right moment to just swoop in and take all their points. So why go around looking for multiple flames when you can get multiple from just one.

Haha! Sure this is just a game but it’s interesting to think how we only really enjoy winning or consider something a ‘real’ competition if someone loses.

Overall, this game’s more than just a fun way to while away the working hours, though. It also represents another step by Google into the gaming world. This is the first time a Google Doodle has offered multiplayer gameplay. And it’s the first time users have been able to host a Doodle game on their own, inviting up to seven players.

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